Northwest Hillsboro


Advocating Common Sense Land Use

Why Urban Reserve makes sense for Northwest Hillsboro

  • Provides for growth inside Metro
  • Adds to the "Full Service" City of Hillsboro
  • Creates a "Great Community"
  • Protects agricultural land
  • Makes for orderly infrastructure provision
  • Anchors the Silicon Forest
  • Meets growth demands in the right place
  • Makes "Rural Reserves" workable

The NWHA has produced maps and accompanying explanations to aid in presenting its perspective, providing:

The current NH Urban Reserve and UGB (which are one and the same) is poorly planned, has no distinct borders, and will not allow for orderly infrastructure provision. Further, it pays little attention to the robust market for land in a very high demand corner of the Region. This failure will force the market to less suitable jurisdictions like North Plains, Banks and Columbia County. Growth in these locations will have significant negative impacts on surrounding agricultural land and on the transportation system. Metro recognized the importance of NH in its 50 year UR decision and included the area south of the Sunset and east of McKay Creek. Any reduction of the UR in this important geography is unwise, unsustainable, and without reasonable justification.

Unless Northwest Hillsboro is added back to the UR, and the land included in the UGB in NH develops, serious urban impacts will occur on rural lands. This will result in agricultural conflicts, a dearth of planning for long range infrastructure, and a lost opportunity of planning and developing a “great community” from scratch.

The State of Oregon, Metro, Washington County, and Hillsboro should join together and reestablish the Northwest Hillsboro Urban Reserve south of the Sunset Highway and east of McKay Creek.

The NWHA will conduct various interfaces with decision makers in an ongoing effort to pursue changing Northwest Hillsboro from "Rural Reserve" to "Urban Reserve" designation.